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Title: To the Victor Go No Spoils
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Rating: R
Ship: Glato
Word Count: 2,275

A/N: Canon only applies up until the tracker jacker attack. After that it's completely abandoned. None of the source material belongs to me.

It's the screams that wake him up. He's dreaming of his glory moment, his last kill, when Glimmer's screams send him shooting straight up. Tracker jackers are everywhere and he's up on his feet in seconds. He's not sure why he does it, he's never had a selfless moment in his life, but when Glimmer grabs his hand he doesn't immediately shake her off. Instead he opts to run, as fast as he physically can, until he reaches water. Along the way he has plenty of opportunities to throw her off, but he doesn't. This decision haunts him for the rest of his life.

Later, after he's safe and sound and so are Clove and Glimmer, he notices that Marvel is no longer with them. He shrugs it off, one less person he has to kill. Katniss is still alive and that's more important to him. He wants her dead. More accurately, he wants to be the one to kill her. To be the last person's whose face she sees, to watch her beg for mercy and then deny it to her. They've lost lover boy, their only connection to her, but Cato isn't concerned, he's thinking of new ways to get the girl on fire. Sooner or later, he'll get what he wants, all he has to do is wait.


It's been days since they last heard from that pesky girl from district twelve, but Cato has been too preoccupied with taking out everyone else to really notice it. Glimmer corralled another tribute to be look out while they're taking out other ones. If he was anyone else, he'd say thanks, but that's not how they do things. He volunteers for guard duty and when everyone else is finally asleep he wakes her up to fuck her good and hard. Glimmer is so lost to the throes of passion that she doesn't notice their newest member waking up from her cries of pleasure or see his face fall in defeat, but Cato does and smirks before sending her over the edge, an assertion of his dominance over her and the pathetic little boy that's helping them. As soon as he's released himself inside of her, he's shoving her off him and telling her to take over watch because he's tired. She mutters in protest but he ignores her. As he's closing his eyes he hears her flirting with their new addition, sweet talking him into going on guard duty instead. The sad sack of a boy does it happily and Cato clenches his jaw, resisting the urge to snap the boy's neck. He needs someone to guard his shit, so he holds off on hurting him but promises himself that he'll take every pleasure in killing the kid later on.

Cato doesn't have to wait long before the perfect opportunity to kill the newest annoyance in his alliance arrives. They're sitting around their campsite, strategizing, when smoke starts to rise off in the distance. He yells at their new member to guard their stuff before heading out to pick off another tribute. At this point it's getting too easy. Cato expected a real challenge and he still hasn't found one. They're getting closer to the smoke when he hears it. Someone has set off all their land mines. He runs back to camp, hoping those dumb land mines haven't taken his shot at killing the fucking moron who's responsible for destroying all their stuff. When he gets there, he's seeing red, the kid is still completely in tact and tripping over his own words to get out as many apologies as he can. Cato snaps his neck without even really trying. It feels a good for a moment but then he remembers that there's at least one more kill he can make today. He smiles as he hears the boom of the cannon, running back out towards the smoke. The first thing he notices when he gets back to the clearing is that it's empty. Fuck. He's missed his opportunity all because that idiot couldn't watch out for other tributes. It's then that he hears the second cannon and nearly trips over a body. His mind takes a second to register what he's seeing, Clove is on the ground, eyes wide open with an arrow sticking out of her neck. If his feelings hadn't been beaten out of him at the academy, he probably would have felt bad. "Idiot," he mutters, before turning back the way he came and heading towards where Glimmer will be. He fully intends to fuck his frustration away and he trusts her not to stab him mid-act so he decides that even if half the alliance is now dead, he'll keep her around for now.

He's just finished fucking her into oblivion when Seneca's voice comes on through the invisible speakers in the arena. "Attention tributes, there has been a slight suspension in the rules. Two winners may be crowned, if one is male and one is female. That is the only change. Thank you." Glimmer is staring over at him, a hopeful glint in her eye. He knows that she thinks this means they're in it together and Cato's too spent from his recent activities to tell her differently. There is only ever one winner of The Hunger Games and this year it's going to be him. She's just a pretty face that's keeping him company so he doesn't lose it. He's seen what loneliness does in the arena, how it can completely destroy a person, and he is not going out that way. His sanity will stay firmly in place. Instead of really answering her, he shrugs. It's non-committal and saves him from whatever crazy shit she'll pull if he tells her the truth. They grudgingly cuddle up for warmth that night and he dreams of marking her with his sword. She's one of his possessions now and he wants everyone to know it.


Glimmer is growing tired of being in the woods and Cato's growing tired of hearing her whine about it so they head back towards the Cornucopia. Twenty-four tributes have become six, he's never taken the times to remember their names just their identifiers. He's still alive and so is his play thing, along with the fox-faced thief, the black girl's partner, the girl on fire, and lover boy. They've just settled themselves inside the Cornucopia when another announcement is made. Everyone else will be coming to join him. Cato smiles conspiratorially over at Glimmer. It's almost too easy, but Cato isn't going to pass up a chance to kill Katniss so they set up camp and take turns on watch through the night. Soon enough it's morning and they're both ready for the second bloodbath to commence.

It takes a while for everyone to get there, but Cato and Glimmer find ways to pass the time. By the time they've all shown up, the two of them are running high on adrenaline, more than ready to kill some tributes. It's been too long since either has satisfied their blood lust. Foxface is the first one to make her presence known. She grabs the bag of stuff she so desperately needs and is about to take off when she's speared through the stomach by Glimmer. Both careers wait for the sound of the cannon, but it doesn't come. They can only guess that the gamemakers are expecting a bloodbath and the two of them are all too happy to deliver. Suddenly, lover boy and the other pain from district twelve are making their way over to the Cornucopia. Cato gets ready to take out of lover boy, but notices the boy is limping. It's just too easy this way, practically a mercy killing. Instead, he waits in the shadows for the girl to get closer. She's almost reached the Cornucopia when the guy from district eleven comes out nowhere. He holds her up against the wall, asking about the girl from his district. Cato recognizes the blood hungry look in the guy's eye and acts before the other guy gets to take out the most valuable prey of all. He charges out of the shadows, landing one blow against the side of district eleven's head before slicing him across the neck with his sword. The girl from twelve is helping lover boy limp back to wherever the hell they're hiding and Cato kicks the side of the Cornucopia in frustration. They'll be back and he'll be waiting for them. Later that night Cato fucks Glimmer to the sound of the canon sounding for the dead. He pictures Katniss' dead body in his sleep and he smiles.


Another day passes and Cato is starting to grow bored. He still can't catch the girl on fire and it's slowly becoming the only thing he cares about. During the interview recaps and announcement of scores he should have been all that people were talking about. But he wasn't, she was. Somehow she's made it this far but he isn't going to let her win. Glimmer keeps mentioning how they'll win and he still doesn't correct her misguided notion. He's already decided that he'll kill her last, a reward for killing the ones he couldn't be bothered to kill and for being pretty fantastic in the sack. She's jealous of Katniss, and he doesn't correct her when she assumes that Cato has a thing for twelve. He doesn't, unless that thing happens to be wanting to see her dead. Still, if Glimmer believes she has a rival she'll be even more blood thirsty when they meet the girl again. The cannon fires and it's lover boy's head they see smiling in the sky later that night.


The girl on fire is finally coming to die. Cato doesn't know how knows it, but he does. She's on her way and he is ready for her. He spends the first half of his day resting and the second half waiting for her to show up. The sky begins to darken and Glimmer smiles at him, she's more vicious than he's ever seen her tonight and if still had time he'd take her one last time before killing her, but Katniss is on her way and he wants to stay focused on that. She makes her way towards the Cornucopia hesitantly and his smile grows with each step she takes. He waits for her to get closer to him and prepares to attack. In a move he realizes he should have seen earlier, Glimmer beats him to the punch. She throws herself at twelve, trying her best to stab the girl that just won't die. He watches for a few moments before growing bored and throwing Glimmer off of Katniss. This is his kill, he's earned it. He holds her down with body and takes out his sword, the cuts he makes are shallow, not enough to kill her immediately. Instead she has a slow, painful, agonizing death and Cato watches it all enraptured. After what feels like hours the cannon sounds and now it's just him and Glimmer. As if on cue, the announcement comes that the rules have been revoked, their can only be winner and it's going to be Cato. His sword is still sticking in twelve's body and Glimmer goes to reach for it before he pins her down next to the corpse. She's writhing beneath him and he waits for her to submit, but she doesn't. Instead she fights him tooth and nail, kicking and screaming. It should piss him off further but her unbreakable will only serves to send the blood in his brain rushing to his cock. He's so blindsided by his lust that he doesn't see his sword until it's sticking out of him. Adrenaline starts rushing through his body and he pulls the sword out before grabbing Glimmer by the throat. "You stupid bitch," he grunts out as he squeezes her windpipe. He thinks he hears the crush of her windpipe and the sound of a cannon as he falls forward, a smile on his face.


When he wakes up, he's in a clean room. The last thing he remembers is crushing the life out of Glimmer and the thought alone brings a smile with it. His mentor is rambling on about something but he's too busy picturing his life as victor to really care. It isn't until he hears "Glimmer," and "alive," in the same sentence that his heart stops. The bitch actually survived. The Capitol has two winners this year and Cato is not happy about this. He is the only acceptable winner. For a minutes he wishes he was back in the arena, no one would think twice if he snapped his mentor's neck there. But he's not in the arena, he's in the Capitol. Propriety reigns supreme here and he can't do a damn thing to change that. So, instead of relishing his victory, he scowls. Glimmer shares the crown with him and they pretend to be in love, he isn't exactly sure why but saying it was out of love makes the whole thing less pathetic. His mentor suggests the play up their love on the Victory tour. Cato takes this mean that he has the right to fuck Glimmer anywhere he pleases any time he pleases and does so thoroughly. One night, for kicks, he carves his name onto her skin, they may not be in the arena any more but he still needs people to know that she belongs to him. It's what makes her winning alongside him bearable.

For years after, he watches and rewatches the tapes of his games. He sees in vivid detail the moment he was robbed of his glory, when Glimmer refused to die. Some nights he dreams of killing her, other nights he simply leaves her to die with the tracker jackers. On the strangest nights of all, he dreams about loving her. It's impossible, they aren't built for love, but maybe if they had been their victory wouldn't have felt so hollow. Instead he's a victor with a shiny gold crown and nothing else. He doesn't want to marry Glimmer, she knows him too well, but he also doesn't want to be a slave to the Capitol so he makes her move to District Two and they marry. Every night he replays the games in his head and every night the outcome of said games changes. He's resigned to live a meaningless existence, with the only girl who ever came close to beating him firmly under his thumb. It's not perfect, but it's all he has in the end.

Jul. 4th, 2011

Fandom: Glee/The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Quinn Fabray/Tyler Lockwood and slight Quinn Fabray/Damon Salvatore
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100

Quinn winced as the door slammed shut. She and Tyler had been having problems ever since she told him that she might have feelings for Damon. Maybe that wasn’t the best thing to tell your boyfriend, but they had an honest relationship and she wanted to keep it that way. She wished things would go back to the way they were. The cute flirting and cuddling while watching the Lion King. She also wished she could take back telling him about Damon. Sadly, there was no fairy godmother and nothing would get her out of the mess she was in.

Jun. 13th, 2011

Title: Summer Lovin'
Fandom: Glee
Rating: PG
Ship: Fabrevans
Word Count: 1,065

It’s only the beginning of July and Sam is more than ready for school to start. He’s not ready for the pitying looks or the rumors, but he is ready to see his friend’s again and have some time where he can focus on something other that his family’s problems. He’s been working two jobs and taking care of his siblings during his free time. His relationship with Mercedes lasted less than a nanosecond. It was his fault, no girl wanted to spend all her time in a dingy motel room with her boyfriend and his two siblings. Well, no girl except Quinn Fabray. They weren’t even together anymore but she still stopped by all the time to give Stacey ballet lessons, read the twins stories, and listen to Sam’s problems when he needed it. She was the highlight of his summer.

He’s just gotten back to the motel room after a long eight hours of doing nothing but mowing people’s lawns and there she is just sitting on his bed, reading The Princess Bride to Stacy and Stevie. He washes up in the bathroom before sitting down and listening to her read the next chapter of the book. Afterwards, they get the twins all ready for bed and this is the time he treasure the most. When the rest of the world goes away and it’s just him and Quinn, together.

She looks over at him and frown lines creep over her face, “Sam, you can’t keep doing this to yourself. You’re gonna work yourself to death and we need you.”

He would move mountains to hear her say that she needed him, but he’d take what he could get. “I don’t have a choice, Quinn. We can barely afford this place as it is plus we need food and the twins need new clothes. I have to pull my weight around here. I still have some standards though, I turned down Puck’s pool-cleaning gig. Cougars may pay better but my dignity is the only thing I have right now.” He smiles and tries to brush it off like it doesn’t suck that he has one virtue he’s clinging too for reassurance.

She makes a disgusted face and likes to believe that means she wants to be the only one rubbing up on him, but he knows her disgust is largely centered around the idea of exploiting his body for extra cash. “Don’t talk like that. You have other things.” She’s silent for a moment as though working up the courage to say something more. “You have me,” she whispers.

His heart stops and he has to shake himself out of his head because there is no way that she means those words the way he wants her to. “Yeah, yeah I know. Thanks for that, Quinn. It means a lot to me.”

She shakes her head and looks at him like he’s crazy and he’s not really sure what’s going on. “You don’t get it,” she holds his hand, “you have me.” She pleads for his understanding with her eyes before whispering “If you still want me.”

He is in shock. That’s the only plausible explanation for his sudden paralysis. He’s dreamt of this moment ever since he walked away from her. In his head, he’s calm, cool, and collected as he sweeps her off her feet. The reality is much more grim. He smiles and leans into kiss her before looking around the room. He’s living in a motel room with four other people, he can’t possible give her what she deserves. “Quinn, I want you. I want you more than anything but I can’t have you.”

Her eyes fill up with tears and he feels like the biggest douche. He feels even worse when they don’t fall. She simply takes a deep breath and croaks out that it’s okay. He’s always loved how strong she is but this moment is breaking him and his resolve.

He looks up at her and his eyes fill with tears that will never fall. “Look, I want to be with you, but I can’t give you anything. You know how crazy my life is right now. I’m pretty much homeless and you deserve better than that.”

She shakes her head at him and he doesn’t understand what’s going on anymore. “I don’t want anyone better than you, Sam. I just want you. If anyone doesn’t deserve someone here, it’s me.” She starts to cry and he wraps his arm around her. “I treated you horribly and I’m....I’m just so sorry for everything. I know that I don’t deserve you but I love you Sam and I miss you.”

He strokes her arm and takes in everything that she’s saying. In typical Quinn Fabray fashion, she’s said everything that he wants to hear and if this had happened a few months ago he would have taken her back in a heartbeat. But, things have changed. He can’t give her what she wants or even what she needs. “I....I love you, Quinn. I just can’t do this to you. I’m not gonna be quarterback this year and I can’t afford to take you anywhere on dates. Even if I could, there’s no one who could watch Stacey and Stevie. I mean, I tried the whole dating thing with Mercedes and it didn-” He’s cut off by the feeling of her lips on his. Her kiss is the most intoxicating thing he has ever felt. He deepens the kiss and frowns when she pulls away moments later.

She leans her forehead against his. “I’m not Mercedes, Sam. I don’t need the quarterback boyfriend, or dates, or to be away from these little guys while I’m spending time with you. I just need you.” She kisses him once more before whispering, “I just want you.”

He takes a minute to consider her words. She’s right, of course. She isn’t Mercedes and she’s already spent most of her summer helping his family out. Maybe they could have a future together. This time he’s the one leaning in to kiss her. “Alright. If you want me, I’m yours.”
She squeals and kisses him soundly.

He’s lying in bed a few hours later and can’t help thinking that he wouldn’t mind if the summer went on forever. He has his girl back and all is right in his world.

Feb. 21st, 2011

Title: I'll Never Ask For Another
Fandom: Glee
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sam/Rachel

Sam hadn’t meant to ask her out. It had just happened. He had elected to sing I Saw Her Standing There for Mr.Schuester’s latest life lesson/glee assignment. After his performance, Rachel had felt the need to tell him that while she appreciated his choice of artist, the Beatles later work would suit his voice better. She then went on and on about the importance of choosing a perfect song and he had just asked her out. It wasn’t even a conscious decision. She stared at him blankly before telling him that she accepted his proposal. So here they were painting coasters at Color Me Mine.
They had each chosen a coaster and gathered up their paint. Rachel had been surprisingly quiet and Sam had been okay with that.
“Before the whole Quinn debacle, had you ever been cheated on?”Rachel’s question baffled him. This wasn’t exactly first-date material.
“Um, no. Quinn is...was my first girlfriend.”He can’t help but frown remembering how the girl of his dreams broke his heart.
“I realize that this isn’t necessarily an appropriate topic of discussion, but it seems to me that the McKinley high population has an abnormally large amount of cheaters. I was simply wondering if this was the case at your last school.”
Sam couldn’t help but laugh, “My old school was an all-boys’s school. Most of the students weren’t dating classmates.”
“Oh, well then. I’m sure that given the chance, the school would have had a similar issue with cheating.”
“Um, Rachel why do you wanna talk about this?”He had always pegged Rachel as being a little overdramatic, but consistent in her actions. This date was proving just how wrong that assumption was.
“As you may know, Finn cheated on Quinn with me, I cheated on him with Noah, and Quinn has now cheated on you with Finn. I don’t think I’m a bad person, maybe Finn and Quinn just bring this side out in people.”
The reminder of Quinn’s actions stings more than it should. They’ve been broken up for three months and she seems to be happy with Finn. His own fling with Santana was a disaster. It ended with him seeing that he wasn’t enough for another girl.
“I didn’t ask you out to talk about cheating. I asked you out because you seemed like a cool chick. I don’t really want to talk about my ex-girlfriend cheating on me with my ex-friend.”
“My apologies, Samuel. As I’m sure you would prefer not to hear about the numerous Broadway facts I have accumulated over the years, you may choose the next topic for discussion.”
Sam can’t stop himself from chuckling. She’s just adorable and no one else seems to realize it. She might be a bit intense, but she meant well. “Why don’t we talk about music? We have that in common.”
Rachel’s face lights up and he can’t help but notice how truly beautiful she really is. “That is an excellent choice of topic. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I share your appreciation of the Beatles. What made you decide to choose a song from the earliest part of their repertoire? I believe, that you would have done well with a later song choice such as Here Comes the Sun.”
He’s surprised by her question. No one has ever asked him why he chooses the songs that he does or even cared enough to know his selection process. “I like their earlier stuff. It’s not as serious or trippy as the later stuff.”
Rachel takes a long time to think over his answer. “I suppose that is true, but their later stuff tends to have a more relaxed sound that is characteristic of your song choices.”
This throws him for a loop. She’s actually paid attention to him and his songs in glee club. Quinn only paid attention when he was singing about her, but this girl that everyone else thought was selfish actually noticed his songs. “Yeah, I don’t know. I wanted something kinda upbeat and that worked. Plus the assignment was on observation and the song is about staring at a girl.”
She cocks her head to the side. “In my opinion, you took Mr. Schuester’s assignment too literally. The point of the assignment was to choose a song that relates to how our observation’s of the world around us affect how we feel. Which made my choice of the Billie Holiday classic I’ll Be Seeing You, the best choice for this assignment.”
Her frank opinion of how she did should be off-putting. Quinn used to talk about her self all the time it used to get annoying. But, it’s different this time. She’s not saying it to show how superior she is, she’s saying it because she truly feels her selection is the best. “You’re not like other girls, which is good because I’m not like other boys.”
“Yes, I’ve noticed that. Quinn Fabray was foolish for cheating on you. It’s quite clear to me now that you are the better choice. Finn Hudson pretends to be a good guy, you actually are one.”
“She chose me. When I broke up with her, she told me that I was the one she wanted. But, if that was true she wouldn’t have cheated on me.” He shrugs his shoulders and looks down, embarrassed over what he just admitted.
Rachel’s hand slides across the table as she places it in his and squeezes. “It was brave of you to break up with her when she wanted you. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been that strong if Finn had told me that.”
“Don’t sell yourself short. People put you down everyday and it never stops you from being who you are. I’ve tried to change to be popular. But, it’s not worth it.” Maybe he was wrong about Quinn being the best thing that had happened since he moved here. This date with Rachel made him happier than Quinn ever had. For his next glee club assignment, he was planning on singing Here Comes the Sun in hopes that Rachel will say yes when he asks her to be his girlfriend.

Jan. 29th, 2011

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Either/Or: Chapter 2 (Waltz #2)

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